Material: Cotton

Imported or not: no

Product category: Sweater

Style: Leisure

Product No.: a729

Applicable gender: General

Green, Burgundy

Sizes s, m, l, XL, XXL


Product features: this garment adopts the splicing layout, which is very fashionable and novel. It also has printed letters, which makes the dog more lovely.

Size Bust Length neck
S 36cm/14.17'' 20cm/7.87'' 25cm/9.84''
M 40cm/15.75'' 25cm/9.84'' 30cm/11.81''
L 50cm/19.69'' 35cm/13.78'' 30cm/11.81''
XL 60cm/23.62'' 35cm/13.78'' 44cm/17.32''
XXL 68cm/26.77'' 38cm/14.96'' 48cm/18.90''

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