"[Fabric]: coral fleece



S----20cm/7.87""-----32cm/13.78"", suitable for small pets of 0.5-1kg, suitable for small dogs of 1 to 2 months

M-----25cm/9.45""-----37cm/14.96"", suitable for small pets of 1.5-2kg, suitable for small dogs of 3 to 6 months

L-----30cm/11.02""----42cm/16.54"", suitable for small pets of 3-4kg, suitable for adult dogs or dogs for 7 to 9 months

XL-----35cm/12.60""-----48cm/18.50"", suitable for 4.5-5kg small pets, suitable for adult dogs

XXL----40cm/14.17""-----54cm/20.47"", suitable for small pets of 5.5-8kg, suitable for adult dogs


1. Coral velvet fabric, soft to the touch, comfortable and breathable, warm and thick, bright color;

2. The cute and cute design of the hat makes the whole dress look a little more playful.

3. Four-legged clothes design, flattening the pressure line, tight and comfortable, so that your pet free activities are not bound;

4. Cute paw print pattern decoration, fashion is not cute

5. The button is invisible, not afraid of the tearing of the naughty pet, so that the clothes are not easy to fall off

"DN0729 (2)

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