GOOD GIFT: It can make your pet enjoy walking outdoors

COMFLEXTABLE IN THE HAND: The nylon rope leash has the strength of a rope, and also has some elasticity for the comfort of the walker

FUNCTION: A strong weather resistant nylon leash for dogs and a great alternative to cheap retractable dog leashes or rope slip leads. Great for small dogs or new puppy.

Durable leash with adjustable collar,it is the great gift to your pet.



Material: Nylon

Product Category :Leather belt

Can it be stretched : No

Color : Black, Red, Army Green, Red-Blue, Blue

Size: M, L, XL

M: collar width 3cm collar length 30-40cm traction rope length 110cm traction rope thick 1.5cm single strand thick 5mm

L: collar width 3.5cm collar length 40-50cm Traction rope length 120cm Traction rope thick 2.0cm Single strand rope thick 6mm

XL: collar width 4c collar length 50-60cm traction rope length 120cm traction rope thick 2.5cm single strand thick 7mm


Package Included:

1 x Pet Leash and Collar Set

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